Chocolate's arms race

Once upon a time it was enough to state whether the chocolate was Milk or Dark. Then you needed to state the cocoa content, then where it came from.

But that's no longer enough. Now to be taken seriously you need micro details and infographics to prove you know your stuff. 

I'm pretty geekish about many things but this encouragement to embrace the geek feels too fake. 

All that said this chocolate from the Danish company Summerbird is darn good. 





The Ornithology of Managers

Many years ago I was working with a few guys and we came up with the idea of mapping Project Managers to birds, but to be honest it works for any manager. Here it is 'The Ornithology of Managers'.

The Woodpecker - stands beside you constantly pestering you and asking 'is it done yet'.

The Albatross - circles way up yonder, crapping in your eye whenever you look up to see where they are.

The Kiwi - arrives from a far off place and can appear a little fruity.

The Seagull - swoops in depositing shit all over the place.

The Penguin - fucking useless, but makes you smile.

The Lovebird - thinks that flattery and getting up close and personal will bend you to their will.

The Peregrine Falcon - moves so fast that you didn't see them coming and now you’re totally fucked.

The Christmas Turkey - stuffed by the new year.

The Robin - small plucky and very territorial, will fight to the death before backing down.

The Tawny Owl - wise and serene but merciless when it matters.

The Vulture - flys in at the end and strips you down to the bone.

The Peacock - struts around making a lot of noise about who they are.

And lastly The Ostrich - yep you guessed it, buries their head in the sand until everything goes tits up, at which point they turn and run like the wind.

Did you spot anyone familiar in the list above?


The seagull painting cover image is by eastwitching


A great litany

Saw this on the Poke. It's a great litany  and it should be learnt and practiced every night before bed.