Beautiful illustrations by Moonassi for Maison Kitsuné

Last year I bought a wonderful t-shirt by Maison Kitsuné. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It's from Kitsuné's K.I.M collection and has a marvellous fox/woman illustration on the front by the Korean artist Moonassi (Daehyun Kim).  However, Santa brought me a fabulous gift this year, three limited edition prints from the Kitsuné collection by Moonassi. Can't wait to get these framed!

More about the Kitsuné collection here (on Bustle) and here (Maison Kitsuné)

Moonassi's website

The wonderful illustrations of Ian Phillips

I first discovered Ian Phillips via his Instagram account and I totally fell in love with his style, and his wonderful sensitivity for print and colour. When I checked out his Etsy shop and couldn't resist these little gems. The Fireflies print is extra special as it's printed with glow in the dark ink. The post cards are wonderful too and are a great set of illustrations reflecting my recently adopted home town of San Francisco.

Lovely set of Ink Blot Animal Postcards

I got given this lovely set of Animal Postcards created from ink blots and wet ink runs. They are by Rop van Miero and come in a pack of 10.