20 years ago this month - I-D Magazine (issue 136)

I held on to this issue of I-D magazine from January 1995 mainly because it featured people I knew back then, but also because my vanity got the better of me (you can see a poster I designed in the background of one of the photographs). I hadn't seen it for years and was struck by the fact it's 20 years old this month, so thought it deserved seeing the light of day once more.

What's interesting is that it's the 'future' issue and all about 'cyberspace' and tech. I've have a sneaky feeling that even when this was fresh off the presses, 'cyberspace' was already a clichéd term. However there are a couple of good pieces as the angle is nice and dark, featuring Scanner (@robinrimbaud) and the Underground crew (Matt and Graham). 

Fairly prescient stuff: "The threat exists that our communication will be exploited in ways we cannot yet imagine"

The tech gadgets and ads are funny as so of the time, pagers are a big thing and that Bicardi ad is a stereogram!

Underground - "A free broadsheet for London"

Warning: may cause offence

Underground was an alternative free paper for London. It was compiled and published in the early 1990's by Graham Harwood and Matthew Fuller amongst huge group of contributors and helpers. It spans the death of Thatcher's legacy (John Major) through to the early Blair years, in six issues. To say this project was 'left of centre' is both an understatement and a disservice to the project as it challenged most of it's readers and anyone who picked up one of the freely distributed copies. Above shows the six covers all featuring the photoshop talents of Graham and a small selection from inside. The first issue was a full broadsheet and the shear scale of that image still makes me wince and smirk. However issue six and Tony Blair still causes raised eyebrows and ruffles plenty of feathers. Funny how hindsight works.

All I can wish for is that these guys were able to take over the Metro, that would improve the tube no end. Not sure what they are up to these days but they've had a raft of great projects from those early DIY and networker days. There's more stuff over at http://bak.spc.org covering the brilliant Webstalker more on that here: http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/project.cfm?id=7
For more recent activity from Matt, see here: http://www.spc.org/fuller/