Lavish production - Amelia's Magazine No.2 (a.w 2004)

Here's another item from the archive, 10 years old this time, Amelia's Magazine from A.W 2004 (issue 2). They must have come into money when they put this out. It's thick with plenty of content, laser cut cover and die cut pages to make room for the added trinket, quite a job. The varied styles and design throughout is wonderful, and makes flipping through a really interesting and rich experience.

To top it off it even has a Alan of Modern Toss fame.

Tove Jansson's Wonderland

Over Christmas I've been rummaging through several boxes of books and paper ephemera stored in the cellar. One of my finds is this edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, beautifully illustrated by Tove Jansson (the Moomins). It's from the Delacorte Press in 1978, however the illustrations were first published by Albert Bonniers Förlag in Sweden in 1966. 

The main colour plates are great, but the small detailing for chapter ends and in the margins supporting the text are truly wonderful. 

Lovely set of Ink Blot Animal Postcards

I got given this lovely set of Animal Postcards created from ink blots and wet ink runs. They are by Rop van Miero and come in a pack of 10.